Liz Kitchens

If you live your life a little bit more creatively, you’re going to start owning your time and ultimately your life. Artist and author Liz Kitchens explains how she helps Boomer women be brave and lose the beige in their lives.

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Lisa Oz: Transform Your Relationships

Nothing can hold you back in life like a bad relationships and nothing else can make you soar like a good one. Best-selling author Lisa Oz helps you discover your “authentic self,” which she says will have ripple effects on EVERY relationship.

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Dr. Leslie Martin

What if everything we thought we knew about aging is wrong? Dr. Leslie Martin is using an eight-decades long study to debunk a lot of the commonly held beliefs about the secrets of a long and healthy life. Her results are fascinating.

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Joe Robinson

Many of us get so caught up with the stuff we have to do every day, such as work and family obligations, that we forget one of the things we should be doing — having fun. Joe Robinson wants us to retrain our brains.

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Daniel Pink

He is changing the way corporate America thinks and acts by putting the focus on inspiring workers to excel and learn to love their jobs.

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Linnda Durre

Could stress at work be hurting your relationships at home? Learn how to survive a toxic workplace from one of the nation’s top psychotherapists.

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