GB Now Ep 21: Firefighter Jeff Converse


2020 certainly has tested what we are made of. We each have had to dig deep to find courage to live safely during this pandemic. We have seen people stand up for their beliefs in protests. Now we watch brave men and women struggling to extinguish the burning West Coast. We were wondering — what does courage look like? We found it in 69-year-old firefighter Jeff Converse. He’s a retired FDNY (Squad 252, Bushwick, Brooklyn) and current assistant fire chief in Locust Valley, NY. Host Laura Savini talks to Jeff live to learn about his experiences as a first responder on 9/11 and living with “survivor’s guilt” in the aftermath. Plus, he explains that you don’t have to walk through fire to be brave, there are small acts of bravery we can do each day.

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