Adam Forgie


A woman born in 1921 never expected to be in the spotlight. But thanks to a video on YouTube, she’s now one of the world’s biggest viral video stars.

Last year, Adam Forgie taped his 90-year-old grandmother dancing to “Party Rock Anthem,” a song by LMFAO, an electro pop group. Adam, who lives with his grandmother and acts as her caretaker, wanted to share the video with their family, so he posted it to YouTube.

Before he knew it, LMFAO had posted the clip to their Facebook page — for all 10 million followers to see.

The video exploded, and almost overnight, Jeanne was an international star. Her dancing videos have been featured on TV shows and websites across the world.

Why did Adam do it? He said his grandmother, who suffers from macular degeneration and near deafness, has danced her entire life. When he put on some popular dance songs, she came alive again. Adam says the videos and their popularity have kept her entertained and kept her hopes up. Plus, he says she likes the attention she gets everywhere, including at the gym she visits twice a week and throughout her Utah community.

Adam explains why he hopes others in his generation are inspired to see their own grandparents as the vibrant, fascinating people they still are.

And find out why he knows he’ll eventually look back at this time as one of the most special times of his life.

To see Jeanne’s dance moves yourself, click here to visit her YouTube channel and click here to like her on Facebook.