Amy O’Rourke


Amy O’Rourke is a true thought leader in the field of aging. She has a master’s degree in public health administration and a master’s degree in gerontology. She’s worked with older adults for 30 years and is currently president-elect of the National Association of Aging Life Care.

She’s also the president of the Cameron Group: Aging Life Care Services, a company she founded in 1999 and has nurtured for nearly two decades.

She’s a past winner of the National Entrepreneurship Achievement Award from American Express for her vision and innovation and she’s been named one of the 15 Women Who Mean Business by the Orlando Business Journal.

Amy says we’re facing a crisis of people needing care and not enough caregivers to provide it. She says she sees Boomers as the great disrupters of change who can and will usher in a new period of opportunity for aging populations.

She says one of the biggest lessons she’s learned by working with the elderly for years is even as their bodies become more frail, the possibilities within expand. She talks about the power of positive attitudes among 80 and 90 year olds and the lessons we can all learn from them.

Amy shares other lessons she’s learned about working within the healthcare system and how these tips can help not only our aging parents but ourselves when faced with future decisions.

She also provides a much-needed pep talk and practical tips to those providing care for their parents.

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