Anne Kreamer


Anne Kreamer has ignited a national debate on hair dye.

She kicked off the Gray Wars two years ago when she decided to stop dying her hair. Her experiences prompted her to write the book, “Going Gray: What I Learned About Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood, Authenticity and Everything Else That Matters.” Her book was also the basis for a recent Time magazine article that featured photos of what prominent women like Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice would look like if they too skipped the dye.

Anne has been on the forefront of feminism’s battles for decades. She’s a Harvard grad who produced Sesame Street in the 1970s and ’80s and helped launch Spy magazine. In the 1990s, she was the worldwide creative director for Nickelodeon and Nick at Nite.

She tells Growing Bolder the issue of hair dye evokes deep emotions and strong reactions, especially when it comes to women going gray.

Find out how she fared in job interviews and on online dating sites when she tried to do both with and without gray hair.