Ari Seth Cohen


Not only did Ari Seth Cohen change his own life, but he’s showing the world a positive view of aging that never been exposed before. It all began when his grandmother suggested he move to New York. He borrowed a camera and the rest is history.

When he arrived, Ari immediately began snapping pics of fashionable older women he saw walking around the city. Some of them had such over-the-top, unique styles that he had never seen before. He launched a blog called Advanced Style, published a best-selling book and now has a documentary out, all under the Advanced Style brand. Thanks to the women he’s showcasing, he’s become one of the newest and most powerful voices in fashion.

Ari checks in with us to discuss these exciting, stereotype-smashing projects and reveals how he hopes they’re changing the perceptions of what aging is “supposed” to look like.

Click here to watch clips from the “Advanced Style” documentary and to purchase or rent the film.