Barbara Van Orden


Barbara Van Orden is living proof that you might be able to break the body, but you just can’t break the spirit.

Her career was skyrocketing. She’s a singer who opened for all the greats — Frank Sinatra, Milton Berle, Don Rickles. She performed at all the top clubs, from Las Vegas to the Playboy Clubs to the Persian Room at New York Plaza Hotel. As an actress and model, she’d done more than 200 TV commercials and appeared on shows like “Welcome Back, Kotter.”

There was no limit to the possibilities. But then one day, it all came crashing down in an instant.

As she was crossing a street in Beverly Hills, California, a car hit her at 65 mph. Both of her legs were horribly broken. She had internal injuries, a broken neck, broken back and her head was ripped open.

She endured 18 surgeries and 30 years of constant pain, small victories and big setbacks.

Now she’s back and back on stage, and her star is rising again.

Barbara reveals why never once questioned “why me,” and how she realized she either had to sink or swim. Find out how she survived the physical pain, as well as being a single parent to her young son after the death of his father.

Also, find out why strapping on a pair of high heels was one of her greatest moments in life and how hard she worked to get in them again.

To find out how you can catch her in her fabulous new cabaret show, click here to visit her website. The site also features videos of her performances, as well as photos from some of her most famous advertising campaigns, including L’eggs, Maybelline and Calvin Klein.