Betty Tisdale


In 1975, Betty Tisdale helped evacuate more than 200 orphans from Saigon right before it fell.  And that was just the beginning. Betty has made it her lifelong mission to help children and orphans around the globe, and she’s accomplished a great deal to that end.

In 2000, she founded H.A.L.O. — Helping And Loving Orphans. She recently visited Haiti where she aided children affected by the earthquake.  

But here’s the catch — Betty isn’t a part of a team that does all this; she does it all by herself.  From Colombia to Afghanistan, she has traveled the world, living in disaster-stricken areas because “you can’t turn your back on kids that need your help,” she says.

And this heart-warming philosophy is one that spurs her on to continue her work because she’s not stopping any time soon.  Find out which dangerous country Betty plans on traveling to next.