Some Bunny Loves You

Sometimes, all it takes to make a difference is the spark of a good idea. Eleanor Meiner wanted to help her husband, Sam, remember some of the magic of his childhood Easters. Now, they’re brightening the holidays of thousands of sick kids worldwide.

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John Wood

Former Microsoft executive John Wood is on a mission to change lives through the power of books. Find out how his program, Room to Read, is making a difference across the world and why he believes you don’t have to be rich to change lives.

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Lynn Brooks

More than 20 years ago, Lynn Brooks walked away from a successful career because she had an idea about how she could help boost the image of her beloved New York City. Now, she and her volunteer organization are stronger than ever.

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Jeremy Bloom

Jeremy Bloom made his sports dreams come true — he’s a three-time World Champion skiier, two-time Olympian, college football All-American and retired NFL player. And now, he’s making lifelong wishes come true for those 80 and older. Find out why.

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Kevin Salwen

One day, Kevin Salwen’s 14-year-old daughter came to him with a crazy idea — we should sell our big house and donate the money to charity. Know what’s crazier? That’s exactly what the Salwen family did.

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