She’s on a Quest and She Won’t Be Stopped

Charmaine Gilbreath had a dream. And nothing, not even age, was going to stop her. She retired at 63 and enrolled at The DAVE School to study digital animation and special effects with some of America’s top teachers and experts. From there, she found herself overcoming obstacles inside the classroom and out, but she never gave up on her goals.

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Charles Eugster

Charles Eugster is a 96-year-old superman who is the greatest athlete in the world over the age of 90. He says you can discover your own Fountain of Youth at any age. He didn’t find his until his mid-60s!

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Go Ahead and Jump

Thirty years after he took his final jump, a former track star-turned-orthopaedic surgeon rediscovers the passion of his youth. See how returning to competition has inspired those around him and helped this highly regarded physician better understand the mindset of the aging athlete.

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Triumph of the Jiggleman

Banks Helfrich was a regular guy until a sudden turn steered him into Clown College and completely changed his path in life. He went from clowning, to filmmaking and straight to The Late Show with David Letterman. See how fun and wild chasing your dreams can be!

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