Bri Seeley


Bri Seeley is a fashion designer and author who not only has a passion, she is starting a movement.

It all started when she asked 31 women a single, simple question: What does it mean to be a woman?

She started asking other women the question, publishing the answers in a book called The Inspirational Woman Project.

Bri explains how thinking deeply and critically about women and femininity caused her to change her entire way of thinking, not just about fashion but about life.

Find out some of the most surprising, shocking and upsetting things she learned from her interviews and where she thinks the movement is heading from here. She also speaks honestly about the troubling trends she sees in the fashion industry and how she is taking steps to try to help change the culture as a leader in the industry.

Click here to visit Bri’s website to hear from some of the voices of the project and to learn more.