Greta Pontarelli


In her mid-60s, Greta Pontarelli is one of the top pole sports athletes in the world, and it’s a sport she just took up a few years ago. Within three years, though, she’d won the world pole sports championships.

What Greta does is amazing and requires incredible skill and strength. It does involve a pole and she’s a pole artist who performs a routine on the pole, yet it’s a legitimate sport that is nothing like what someone might see in a strip club. Greta explains whether she ever has to clarify that distinction to people when she talks about her competitions and passion for the sport.

She describes why she sees it as both a sport and an art form and how she likens it to some of history’s great circus performers.

Plus, this former gymnast explains how discouraging it was at first to learn how to do it and why she tells other women that it’s the most fun way to lose weight and get stronger.

Greta shares her excitement for the sport’s future growth and how the community is even dreaming about it becoming an Olympic sport. She offers inspiration for anyone who thinks they’re too old to try something new.

This is just the latest challenge she’s taken on. The woman who may just be the world’s fittest 64-year-old explains how she found herself competing on “American Ninja Warrior” and “America’s Got Talent.”

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