Brooks Johnson


Since 1968, legendary track and field coach Brooks Johnson has had at least one athlete in every single Olympic Games. And his streak may continue in 2012.

He’s the coach of the hottest track star in the world, high hurdler David Oliver. Brooks, a Hall of Fame coach in his late 70s, says elite athletes like David don’t care about their coaches ages or sex — they just want to work with the best of the best.

And Brooks certainly fits the bill.

The coach explains to us how he takes raw, untrained talents and turns them into world-class athletes.

Coach Johnson says that most people fail to live up to their potential in life, no matter where their talents lie. He offers tips to help anyone succeed at life. 

Growing Bolder caught up with Brooks and David at a training session during their championship 2010 season. Click here to watch the power of their intergenerational relationship in action and see what David has to say about his coach.