Camille Thoman


Performance artist, writer, playwright and acclaimed filmmaker Camille Thoman decided to play some platform tennis one morning with her mother in Dorset, Vemont.

When they arrived at The Paddle Hut, Camille had no idea her life was about to change.

She encountered a group of eight men, all in their 80s, who get together every day to play paddle tennis. Within minutes, she had fallen in love with them.

Camille tells us she had an actual physical reaction to them.

“I was physically charmed to my toes by them. Enraptured.”

Immediately, she knew she had to make a film about them.

What started out as a five-minute movie has now evolved into the feature-length project, “The Longest Game.”

Camille says the men are so funny. They constantly make fun of each other, rib each other mercilessly, yet are so compassionate towards each other.

Camille says the movie is all about love, time and the changes we all go through.

She explains why she stepped so far out of her comfort zone to make this film and why she wants everyone to see it.

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