Cherie Soria


Cherie Soria is one of those visionaries who not only discovered her passion in life, she stuck with it and turned it into an entire industry.

She is an entrepreneur, renowned chef and the founder and director of the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, the world’s premiere organic, raw, vegan chef training school.

She’s also the author of three books including her latest, “Raw Food for Dummies.”

The mother of gourmet raw cuisine explains what a raw vegan eats — and what don’t they eat. Find out why you don’t have to eat a 100 percent raw diet to reap the benefits. She gives some good options for foods to cook (lightly) that are packed with nutrients.

Cherie explains how the standard American diet is causing a worldwide health crises and why she believes the raw food revolution will catch on.

She teaches the world’s greatest gourmet vegan chefs how to cook for high-end restaurants and now she’s sharing her knowledge with us, even suggesting your first raw meal.