Cindy Williams


You never know what is going to change your life forever. For Cindy Williams, a guest appearance on the TV show Happy Days changed the course of her entire life.

That appearance, alongside Penny Marshall, led to their own show, Laverne & Shirley. The show became an instant classic and is still one of the most beloved shows in TV history.

Cindy is looking back on those experiences in her new book, Shirley I Jest: A Storied Life. She talks to Growing Bolder about her fascinating life experiences, including her journey from being a waitress to starring on one of the top shows. She explains how she and her co-star Penny always looked at the show as a stroke of luck and didn’t ever count on in continuing for as long as it did.

Cindy also speaks honestly and openly about never giving up on your dreams and how she deals with the thing actresses dread more than anything — aging.