David Mills


David Mills is the Paul Revere of the age wave. He’s shouting his message to anyone who will listen and encouraging people in midlife and older to get involved, be active and make a difference.

He says we have a calling, an urge to social activism that must be fulfilled, and that it’s needed now more than ever.

Life happens, and it’s not surprising that the 78 million members of the Baby Boom generation got busy building careers and families, but David says it’s time to remember that this is the generation that did so much to improve civil rights and women’s rights.

In his new book,”10,000 Days: A Call to Arms for the Baby Boom Generation,” David says he would like to see a powerful group of older social activists rise up to lead a return to citizenship, a return to family and a return to accountability.

David says if we decide we want to, the 50+ crowd can once again change the world.

To find out more about David’s call to arms, visit www.10000boomer.com.