Don Felder


At one point, The Eagles were on top of the world with their Greatest Hits album as the top selling album in the history of recorded music — but now, Don Felder and the rest of the legendary group aren’t on good terms with each other.

To Felder, the writer behind the group’s greatest hit, “Hotel California,” his time in the group was “Heaven and Hell,” according to his new autobiography with the same name.

In 2001, after a fellow member of the group with Don Henley and Glen Frey off and on for 30 years, the two fired Felder from the band. Although he was brought into the group to add a rock edge, Felder wasn’t meshing with his group mates.

The decision led to Felder’s choice to write the autobiography, which was met with opposition and lawsuits from Henley and Frey.

Felder talks with Growing Bolder about the relationship turned sour and where it stands as of now.