Lance Ulanoff


Sometimes it’s not easy to learn how to work our cell phones, iPods, TVs or computers — but if we were to read the manuals for all of our gadgets, we’d be reading for more than 500 years. But there’s no need to worry because PC Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff has compressed those manuals into a quick read.

Ulanoff is a major player in the computer industry, so you can say he knows more about high-tech devices than the average person.

To get a glimpse into his mind, pick up the June issue of PC Magazine for the shortened version of our user manuals — condensed into 501 timesaving tips.

Ulanoff talks about the popularity of the Apple and how the iPod has transformed the computer industry. While some products, like ones from Apple, have ease of use, many older people struggle with the learning curve when purchasing a new computer or device.

Ulanoff talks with Growing Bolder about the Internet’s role in the development of content and media and the biggest trends in personal computing.