Wanda Urbanska


TV host Wanda Urbanska really practices what she preaches. She believes in simplifying life and she and her husband have done just that. They moved out of the city and and headed for life in small town North Carolina.

Urbanska is the host of the “Simple Living” show on PBS and she’s also the author of three books on the subject. She and her husband wrote their first book of the same name in 1992 and haven’t stopped downsizing since.

Now, many people are taking note of Urbanska’s actions and moving to the countryside, in what many call the “Green Acres” effect. She says there may be some challenges with rural living, but acquiring things, joining clubs and moving to the big city adds up to a whole lot of stress.

Urbanska wasn’t always a simple girl, though. She’s a Harvard grad who wrote for big-time papers like the Washington Post and LA Times.

She talks with Growing Bolder about what it’s like to live in a town with a population of 8,400 and the four themes of her TV show.