Dr. Alicia Salzer


We’re all survivors. At some point, we will all be victimized by life in one way or another.

How do you survive life’s curveballs? How do you remain positive in the face of disease, tragedy or loss and move forward?

Trauma psychologist Dr. Alicia Salzer wanted to know why some people just seem better able to cope with life’s troubles.

She started studying healthy habits of people who have gone though things like this and come out better and stronger. People like Nelson Mandela, Elizabeth Edwards and Michael J. Fox.

The result is her new book, “Back to Life,” a book that helps us all celebrate ourselves.

Dr. Salzer says society and mental-health professionals alike don’t have a lot of tricks to help people comfort, distract and inspire themselves in times of trouble.

After study people who cope well, she’s come up with some steps people can take to deal with life’s challenges.

Find out how she helps people make a list of “stones” — concrete steps you can take next time you’re feeling lousy.

She explains how to find alternatives for your normal, unhealthy responses to times of crisis (junk food, alcohol, moping) and establish a mental discipline that helps you control the time of thoughts you think.

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