Dr. Bill Thomas


It’s no secret that the narrative of aging is mostly one of decline, disease and disability. The negative stereotypes of aging are so pervasive in our culture that they are affecting the way we age.

One study after another has proven that how we perceive aging, to a very large degree, determines how we age. What the mind believes, the body embraces. So, how can we change the narrative?

There is one man on the frontline in this effort and he’s launched an all-out assault with that very goal. He’s an author, a Harvard-trained gerontologist, a longevity expert and healthcare innovator who has been called one of the leading influencers in aging. His Age of Disruption tour has been traveling the country to rave reviews.

He takes a break from his wildly popular shows to chat with Growing Bolder about what he calls life’s most dangerous game — aging.

Plus, he explains how his shows are like TED Talks …. on steroids. Find out how he incorporates music, art and mythology into his presentations and how is message is resonating with people across the country. He says his presentations are proof that taking risks and trying bold new things are the scariest — yet most important — things you can do, particularly as you age.

Dr. Thomas also says his message is resonating with the generation who has always questioned everything, from the war in Vietnam to joining the civil rights movement. He explains why now is the perfect time to start fighting back against the company line on aging and to shake things up.

Click here to visit his site to find out where you can catch one of his Age of Disruption shows and to learn more about his research.