Dr. Robert Masson


Dr. Robert Masson is the founder of the world-renowned NeuroSpine Institute, a minimally invasive spine surgery center. He’s a tireless patient advocate who is constantly challenging the healthcare industry to improve its performance.

He’s also constantly challenging himself. Some of his many passions include skiing, mountain climbing and, most recently, race car driving on the IMSA circuit in the prototype challenge class.

Dr. Masson also serves as the Medical Director for Team Growing Bolder. He joins Growing Bolder Radio to discuss the new trends in the healthcare industry encouraging patients to take more proactive roles in their own health. Find out why he’s such a big proponent of something he calls “prehabilitation” and learn how his mantra “Show Up Strong” impacts a patient’s entire journey from illness or injury to wellness and recovery. He explains how his personal philosophy of 360 degrees of care impacts the strategy of care for his patients.

Plus, find out how Growing Bolder’s stories inspire him to help the patients he sees. And what is the difference between health age and chronological age? Find out how he and his team make their medical recommendations based on your overall health, rather than the number of years you’ve been alive. It just may be the wake-up call you need to start getting your body ready now for any future ailments.

Dr. Masson offers a pep talk for setting — and, more importantly, achieving — goals in your life.