Erin Botsford


Erin Botsford is one the top financial planners in the country, and she wants to shatter the myths that everyone believes about retirement and help you start thinking about it in an entirely new way.

She’s the founder and CEO of financial planning firm that specializes in retirement investment planning and the author of the new book, “The Big Retirement Risk.”

She said for far too long, we’ve all been used to putting our money into funds and taking out systematic withdrawals. She calls that a recipe for disaster.

She explains how she’s helping to give people confidence about their decision-making and offer them a new context and a new way to think about their money and retirement.

Erin offers a few tips you can start following today to get you ready for your retirement needs.

Find out how to fund your non-negotiable needs, such as utility bills, healthcare costs and your mortgage, with things that will always be there. Then, she’ll offer advice to help you take care of your “wants.”