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Tennis After 80

Do you ever worry about losing your hobbies as you age? Well, read about these three women over 80 that actually believe the key to living is staying active.

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Larry ‘DJ PreSkool’ Weissman

Larry Weissman spent the ’60s staging huge concerts in San Francisco. Now he’s in his 60s, and this time, he’s making the music as one of NY’s hottest dance music DJs. He explains how music has the power to bring the generations together and explains why he had no interest in a traditional retirement.

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Stop Waiting, Start Living

Bill White couldn’t understand why his co-workers would count down the days, months and years to retirement. He thought, why wait? So, at the age of 58, without a safety net and without a plan, he quit! He traded the seat at his desk for a seat on a bicycle, and wait until you see the new life he’s created from just two wheels and two legs.

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