Fred Ehman


Everyone advised against it, but Fred Ehman took his life savings and bought himself a record store. Not a CD store, a vinyl record store. And in the era of iTunes, iPods and downloads, that would be like buying a flashbulb factory.

But while other businesses around him have come and gone, more than 20 years later, Rock and Roll Heaven’s reputation continues to grow, and it’s now one of the best-known vinyl album stores in the world. Somehow, despite being located in Orlando — the theme park capital of the world — it’s Rock and Roll Heaven that is the destination of choice for countless tourists and locals.

It all happened not because Fred is a great businessman. It happened because Fred’s passion is the music. He loves the records as much as any customer who comes in the store, and he loves his customers even more than the records. Not only is he a relic in terms of believing in albums, he’s also one of the few who still believes in customer service.

Find out why Fred passionately believes the analog sound is superior, why our ear is drawn to a physical sound and why digital music exhausts your hearing.

After spending a few minutes with Fred you just might be tempted to dig out your old albums and dust off your old turntable.

Want to see what Rock and Roll Heaven looks like? Click here to check our visit to this unique store.