Barbara Corcoran

She’s well-known from her judging role on TV’s “Shark Tank” or her best-selling books, but Barbara Corcoran’s path to success wasn’t always a sure thing. Today, she is motivational and inspirational, with a little side of outrageous. 

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How to Sell Yourself

Like it or not, we are all in the sales business. If we’re not actively selling a product, we’re selling ourselves. One of the most influential business thinkers explains how you should be selling yourself and offers tips for the new age of sales.

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Allan Luks

When you make a difference in your community — do you experience a “helper’s high?” Meet Allan Luks, the man who coined the phrase and is considered one of the world’s top experts in volunteering.

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Steve Shaiken

Steve Shaiken has been an executive with some of the top companies in the world. Then, one day, they no longer thought he was doing a good job. Find out how he learned to move and revitalize his career and discovered his best boss ever — himself.

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Sandhi Schimmel

After climbing the career ladder and becoming a successful corporate executive — Sandhi Schimmel gave it all up to pursue her true passion. Now, she’s working as an artist and loving life.

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Daniel Pink

He is changing the way corporate America thinks and acts by putting the focus on inspiring workers to excel and learn to love their jobs.

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