Cisco Exec Explains Why YOU Should Be Engaged


Carlos Dominguez is one of the biggest brains in technology — he is the Senior Vice President at Cisco Systems and an avid believer in the power of the Internet for communicating, connecting and sharing information.

Can you really change the world online? Dominguez says yes, and if you dismiss the power of social media and technology, you’re missing incredible opportunities. The man who calls himself a “technowist” (someone who leverages the current tools and prepares for future advancement) talks to Growing Bolder about recent world events that have helped prove that when people collaborate, they can make a difference.

Find out how his family background and ethnicity have shaped his vision, what his predictions are for the next big technology tool and why he thinks that all CEOs and senior leadership need to not only stop blocking social media use at the office — they should leverage the power of intergenerational employees to use Facebook, Twitter, blogging and more in a brand new way.

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