The History of ‘Eight Miles High’


“Eight Miles High” was The Byrds’ third — and final — top 20 hit. But why were there two versions of the song? Why was it briefly banned from radio? And which famous musician’s instrument is emulated in it?

Byrds’ co-founder Roger McGuinn reveals all!

In this exclusive Growing Bolder video, we visit Roger at home and discuss the story behind the song.

He breaks down the two versions — the RCA version and the Columbia Records version — and explains why both existed. He also reveals whether he has a favorite.

Plus, find out which musicians, particularly a famous jazz musician, inspired the RCA version.

And what was the song really about? A famous report claimed it was about drug use. Roger sets the record straight.

He’ll also play his latest interpretation of the song, which you might recognize as the theme song of the Growing Bolder TV Show!

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