Steve Shaiken


Steve Shaiken’s career has been impressive. He was a top executive with companies like Royal Caribbean, Smithsonian Business Ventures, Universal Orlando, NBC Universal and Starwood Hotels.

But then one day, his employer told him they no longer thought he was doing a good job. He said it was sobering to realize that some people estimated that he was no longer vital.

Hey says after such a big shock, you’ve got to allow yourself time to mourn — just not too much time.

He quickly started his own consulting firm, and he’s picked up clients like SeaWorld, Disney Cruise Lines, Hilton Hotels and Sandals Resorts.

He said feeling sorry for yourself won’t help the needle move in the right direction — you have to get back to doing what you know you do best. Even is someone else didn’t think you were doing a good job, ultimately they are just one person. Move on, Steve advises, and don’t be afraid to do what you really want to do and most importantly, believe that you can do it.

Find out how he learned to move forward, working for himself, and how his example even influenced his daughter to quit law school to purse her true passion — opening a pie shop.