Gayle King


She’s most famous for being Oprah’s best friend, but she’s earned her own place in the spotlight thanks to her talent and hard work.

Gayle King is one of the new co-hosts of “CBS This Morning,” and she says she’s no overnight sensation. She anchored at the CBS station in Connecticut for nearly 20 years and had stops in Kansas City and Washington, D.C. before that. But she concedes that most people still know her best because of her best friend.

In her 60s, Gayle says she’s still waiting for that grown-up adult feeling to “kick in,” and she’s thrilled that her career is picking up, not slowing down. She says one of the most exciting parts about aging these days is you never know what the next chapter is going to be, particularly compared to her mother’s generation.

Find out why she thinks it’s so important for all of us to take risks, but not foolish risks.

She reveals her hobby and why she’s on the lookout for a new one.