Gerald Hilbrich


Gerald “Jerry” Hilbrich was a very successful businessman before retiring, but that’s not why we wanted to talk to him. We wanted to feature his story because he epitomizes one of the main tenets of Growing Bolder — Move Forward and Give Back. 

After a successful three decade career with a major accounting firm, Jerry retired and became a role model for one of his personal philosophies — that those who make a good living are obligated to give back their time, their talent and their treasures to make the community better for all.

Among his many leadership positions, he’s the only person to have chaired the United Arts, United Way and Community Foundation of Central Florida. He is the current Board Chairman of the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation and he’s transformed the business practices of nearly every organization he’s served, resulting in huge increases in financial support.

Jerry (pictured above, center, holding his recent Philanthropy Day Lifetime Achievement Award) explains why you don’t have to have a lot of money to make a big impact on your community.  

Plus, get his tips for finding organizations and charities that are good stewards of your money so that your donation will have a lasting impact.