Gretchen Rubin


There are millions of books out there that claim to teach you how to be happy. But no one had ever pulled all the information together and come up with a consensus of what really works, until Gretchen Rubin wrote, “The Happiness Project.”

She weaves together different philosophies, scientific research, history, analysis and real-life experiences to come up with practical advise and sharp insight into what happiness is and how to achieve it.

Gretchen is so passionate about the subject she’s anxious to share everything she’s learned. She is also the author of the bestselling “Forty Ways to Look at Winston Churchill,” “Forty Ways to Look at JFK,” “Power Money Fame Sex: A User’s Guide” and “Profane Waste.”

She’s a graduate of the Yale Law School and worked for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor when she decided to follow her passion and become a writer.