Dr. Harold Freeman


Harold Freeman, M.D., is a true pioneer and is responsible for saving countless lives.

He is the president and founder of the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention in New York City, senior adviser to the director of the National Cancer Institute and chief architect of the American Cancer Society’s initiative on Cancer in the Poor.

Most importantly, he is recognized throughout the world as the father of patient navigation. He founded that concept at the Harlem Hospital Center where he worked with mostly poor, black patients.

The purpose of patient navigation, which is now emulated worldwide, is to eliminate barriers to timely cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and supportive care, which dramatically improves the survival rates of patients.

Dr. Freeman takes us back to 1967 when he arrived at the Harlem Cancer Center and explains what he found, including the discovery that survival rates were much lower than those of patients in New York City, just a few miles away.

Click here to visit the Harold P Freeman Patient Navigation Institute website to learn much more about his life-saving work.