Neil Diamond


Neil Diamond is an American institution. One of best-selling artists of all time. He’s sold more than 128 million albums and is a Grammy Award-winning member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame. He was awarded a prestigious Kennedy Center Honor for his lifetime of contributions to American music and culture.

His career has spanned more than five decades and at the age of 73, Neil remains one of the top-drawing live performers in the world. He’s just released “Melody Road,” his 32nd album and his first collection of new songs in six years.

Neil tells us why life today is better than ever. He explains how all the pieces of his life have fallen into place and now that he’s found true love, he has everything. In fact, he says he now finds his age irrelevant.

After decades of making music, he explains why he never doubts that he can come up with something fresh.

Plus, did you know that Neil still runs all of his songs by his 96-year-old mother, Rose? He explains their years of collaborating and why he still plays her his music since at one point, she was the only one listening to his songs.

Many say a brush with death changes their perspective forever, and Neil is no exception. He describes what it was like when he had a spinal tumor in the 1980s and how his outlook about life changed when he found himself facing paralyzation.