Jack LaLanne


Editor’s Note: Jack LaLanne died on January 23, 2011 at the age of 96 surrounded by his family at his California home. Jack died of respiratory failure resulting from pneumonia. The following interview was conducted in 2007.

After Jack’s death, GB’s Marc Middleton blogged about living life the Jack way on Huffington Post. Click here to read it and learn how to live long and die fast.

Jack LaLanne was so far ahead of his time, people thought he was nuts. Today, he’s revered worldwide and he’s still Growing Bolder.

Jack opened America’s first health studio, invented the weight machines we use today and advocated weight-lifting for women and the elderly at a time when athletes didn’t even lift weights.

Later, he invented what we call “aerobics.”

The Father of Fitness, who is still fit at 92 years old, talked to Growing Bolder about his daily workouts (which he admits he hates!) and shared what he believes are the secrets to longevity.

“Dying is easy,” Jack told Growing Bolder. “Living, you’ve got to work at.”

Plus, find out why he’s so sick of hearing people long for the “good old days.” Jack’s message? THESE are the good old days.

Want more Jack? Click here to listen to our 2006 interview.