Jim Abbott


Born without a right hand, Jim Abbott still went on to become an All-American pitcher in college, he won the Sullivan Award as the nation’s top amateur athlete in 1987, he was the pitcher for the gold-medal winning Olympic team in 1998 and he threw a big league no-hitter for the New York Yankees.

All of that sounds impossible but it’s part of what makes him such a powerful and important motivational speaker these days. When he’s not inspiring others to believe that anything is possible, he’s also a guest pitching instructor during Spring Training for the Los Angeles Angels.

Abbott joins us on the Growing Bolder Radio Show to discuss his incredible career and how he was able to overcome what many would consider a career-stopping disability. Find out how he and his father developed his unique throwing method in their backyard when Abbott was a child and why his parents remain his biggest heroes, especially now that he’s a parent himself.

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