Jimmie Walker


It only takes one word to identify this man. How many people can you say that about?

He starred on a show that ended production in 1979 but even today, all you have to hear is the word “Dy-no-mite!” and you’ll immediately think of one person — Good Times star Jimmie “J.J.” Walker.

He’s much more than a memorable character from an old TV show. Jimmie was raised in the Bronx, visited relatives in the segregated South, sold peanuts at Yankee Stadium and eventually hired some of today’s best-known comics as his writers. And he’s telling all of those stories about the both the good and bad times in his book, Dy-no-mite!

Jimmie talks about the difference between being a comic and being an actor, and tells us why being so closely associated with his TV character has never hurt his career.

Find out how things are very different for today’s comedians compared to Jimmie and his contemporaries, and he explains why he thinks most of today’s minority characters are missing “spunk.”