Joy Johnson


Joy Johnson is a nationally known speaker and the author/co-author of more than 100 books, primarily dealing with grief, but she always wondered if she could write a novel. She never thought that she could, but when she retired, she thought she’s give it a shot just to see if she could do it.

The result far exceeded her wildest dreams.

Now, her comedy mystery series called The BOOB Girls is connecting with women across the country. Joy, who says the BOOB stands for Burned Out Old Broads, started writing the books as gifts for her friends and employees of the 35-year-old company she started with her husband, the Centering Corporation. Their company is North America’s oldest and largest bereavement resource center.

Friends kept requesting more books and the series just took off.

Joy says one of the reasons she wanted to write the books is to pay tribute to older women. She thinks older woman are beautiful, not only emotionally and spiritually but also physically.

She is working hard to change society’s view of older women and show that there is real beauty in age.

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