Jo Farkas


Is there something from your childhood that you loved to do or always wanted to do? Sometimes life moves so fast that dreams fade away into reality or we’re forced to put certain things aside. But, if you have a little luck and whole lot of determination, sometimes you can rekindle those passions you had long ago.

Like many kids, Jo Farkas wanted to be a movie star when she grew up. As it does for most of us, life got in the way, but her dream never really died. When she retired from her career and after she raised her kids, she let the dream come back to life. In her 60s, she moved to Los Angeles and finally made that childhood dream come true! She has appeared in shows such as Chicago Hope, Weeds and American Horror Story and in movies like My Best Friend’s Wedding and Boxing Day.

Now 88, she’s still working and still confident in her decision to take this risk to pursue her passion. Jo, a former psychologist, explains how, strangely enough, acting has been easy for her and why she had no desire ever to become a little old lady sitting around knitting.

She takes us back to her first couple jobs and explains how much fun she’s having with this second life as an actress. Jo also offers tips for getting the courage to take your own first step toward your dreams.