John Charles


He’s a man who makes a living with his wit, his intelligence and his talents, and it’s all he ever wanted to do.

John Charles has never written a hit record, never performed to sold out stadiums and never signed a recording contract. But he’s made a great living as a musician, and he’s traveled the world doing it.

John is considered a corporate performer, playing the convention circuit, entertaining on cruise ships and private parties and public events. He doesn’t have a band to hide behind. When he goes on stage, it’s just him and his guitar.

Over the years, he’s managed to delight audiences, not just with his songs, but with his banter with the crowd. John understands how personal music is to each of us, and he gladly exploits that!

Seldom working off a set list, John interacts with his audience, not just allowing, but encouraging their participation in shouting out requests and exchanging personal stories and humorous asides.

He joins the GB Radio Show live in studio to recount the places his music has taken him and the unforgettable moments he’s encountered. Oh, and yes, there are the songs he’s become known for. See why he’s one of the nominees for Entertainer of the Year.