Julie Newmar


Julie Newmar is an actress who made her living based on her beauty and sex appeal, but the outlook for people like her is not good. Normally, their careers peak in their late teens and are long over by the time they hit their 30s. Julie has been a smoldering exception!

You probably remember her as Catwoman from the “Batman” TV series. She brought an overt sexuality that lit the show on fire! Her role was so powerful that not only was she the first adolescent crush for millions of young men in the ’60s, those same men are still enamored with her in their 60s! And it’s no wonder why!

Julie has continued to reinvent herself over the years, taking great care of herself physically and exploring all aspects of life mentally. She’s challenged herself in ways that have kept her on the cutting edge of thought. She developed into a wonderful and engaging writer, tackling issues like Aging Gloriously.

She’s focused on beauty, delving in to exactly why some are perceived as beautiful and understanding how to keep the spark alive as one goes down the road of inevitable physical change. At age 75, Julie continues to model, offering up unretouched photos to reinforce that sensuality isn’t the exclusive property of any one demographic.

She is curious, playful, deep, existential, esoteric, but at all times, seductively charming!

To check out more of Julie’s unretouched glamour shots, check out www.julienewmar.com.