Abigail Trafford


Abigail Trafford is one of the leading journalists of our time, covering everything from moon launches to assassination attempts. Now, she’s focused on what she believes are the biggest, most important stories of this era — the age wave and the aging of America.

She considers herself a revolutionary, pointing out what it’s going to take to navigate this new life stage between midlife and old age. She explains with passion and excitement that people over the age of 50 today are social pioneers, rewriting the rules and carving out a new, more vibrant existence.

But she understands there are many challenges. The economic crisis has hit people of retirement age the hardest. She believes it’s one of many critical tests many will face in the coming years as more people attempt to stay in the workforce longer at the same time unemployment continues to rise.

At best, she sees the potential for what she calls the Grand Generation, an unprecedented potential for a philanthropic-oriented volunteer army, tackling a number of social issues that now just fall through the cracks. Her vision is intriguing, and her ideas are thought-provoking and inspiring.

Abigail has written extensively about the issues facing people over 50, including romantic adventures in the age of longevity, staying healthy for the bonus decades and how to survive divorce, in her books, “As Time Goes By,” “My Time,” and “Crazy Time.” To learn much more about her research, visit www.abigailtrafford.com.