Jon Cryer


Jon Cryer is one of the most talented comedic actors in the business. He’s an Emmy-winning actor and a screenwriter, director and producer whose three decades long career is still going strong.

He’s been a part of many productions but he’s best known and loved for two iconic roles, one in film and one on TV. He made a huge splash with his role in 1986’s Pretty in Pink starring as Molly Ringwald’s best friend Duckie and for 12 seasons, he played the role of Alan Harper in the hugely popular TV comedy Two and a Half Men.

He’s experienced everything from a romance with Demi Moore to a front-row seat of Charlie Sheen’s epic meltdown. If it can happen in show business, it has either happened to Jon or around him. And he’s put it all in his new memoir, So That Happened.

He talks to Growing Bolder Radio about his incredible career, including the crazy things he’s witnessed. Plus, before his success with Two and a Half Men, why was he known as the “sitcom killer?” He explains his bumpy ride to the top of the TV ratings.