Suzanne Somers’ Passion for Healthy Living


When America first discovered Suzanne Somers, she was the goofy, gorgeous blonde on Three’s Company. When that fell apart over a contract dispute, she set out to reinvent herself. Over the years, she became known for new things, from exercise equipment to her unconventional way of dealing with her cancer diagnosis.

Starting with her cancer battle, Suzanne used her celebrity to implore all of us to take charge of our own health. The latest revelation is her book, Tox-Sick: From Toxic to Not Sick. In it, she talks about the fat myth and why she’s glad to see research catching up with her theory about the benefits of fats in our diet. In our conversation, she delves into the great cholesterol debate and what she’s learned from some of the country’s top researchers.

Suzanne also explains how she never wanted to be a cancer victim or survivor and how it’s turned out to be a great gift to her life.

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