Josh Hanagarne


Josh Hanagarne describes himself as “just some guy,” but he is so wrong about that. He’s a guy who has learned to face some pretty overwhelming obstacles head-on. 

Josh has struggled his whole life to simply fit in, to try to understand why he’s different and to try to live any kind of “normal” life. 

Since the age of six, he’s suffered from a severe form of Tourette’s Syndrome. His face twitches, his body spasms, he shouts out words and even punches himself. Despite the obstacles, he’s still made himself a success.

His incredible life story is documented in a book called “The World’s Strongest Librarian.”

He describes what it was like to grow up with Tourette’s and why it actually got much worse when he was an adult. Wait until you hear how he condition has gotten worse and what he’s currently enduring, just a few years after he thought it was cured. 

Josh explains how’s learned that we all have situations we can’t control in life but when we enter something we can control into the situation, such as his love of working out, it helps us move forward. The key, he said, is to give up on the idea that we know how life is going to go and to learn how to adapt to life’s many challenges. 

Find out why he so strongly believes hope has an action attached to it. 

Click here to visit Josh’s World’s Strongest Librarian site and join his virtual book club and find out if he’s speaking in your area.