Justin Halpern


Justin Halpern launched an entire media career off of a Twitter feed. Was he lucky or a whole lot smarter than anyone gave him credit for?

While living with his parents after a bad break-up, he started tweeting his father’s hilarious observations. That feed led to a blog, then to a book and finally to a TV show, “$#*! My Dad Says.” (Click here to listen to interview with Justin about the book and show)

But Justin is proving he’s far from a one-trick pony. His new book is called “I Suck at Girls,” and it’s a a series of short stories about his experiences with girls.

He says he can sum up his experiences with one sentence: “Love is a series of incredibly humiliating failures that result in one victory.”

He’s now married, and he describes what his wife thinks of some of his more revealing stories, including the chapter that describes what men are actually thinking about during sex.

Find out which famous action movie scene he thinks most closely resembles marriage and why he decided to share some of his most personal stories, including the first time he had sex and walking in on his parents when he was a kid.

Also, he explains how it felt when the TV show based on his first book, which starred William Shatner, failed. And, more importantly, find out what his now-famous dad thought of the show.