Les Hewitt


It’s one of toughest times in past 100 years to be running a business, working for a company, starting a new career or simply trying to stay afloat.

How can you not only survive these difficult times but also learn to take advantage of unprecedented opportunities? We’ve got the man who can teach you how.  

Les Hewitt is one of most in-demand performance coaches and business trainers in the world. He’s the go-to guy for companies like Wells Fargo, and Trump University uses his programs for its training seminars.

Les is celebrating the 10th anniversary of blockbuster best-selling book, “The Power of Focus,” which has been translated to more than 20 languages, with an updated edition.

He explains one of the biggest things holding back companies — and workers — in these uncertain times.

Les describes what it was like to grow up in Belfast, Ireland, during the worst of The Troubles, including a bad economy, and how he learned to make dramatic changes in his own life. With no college education, he left a unsatisfying job that he’d held for 14 hours and created a whole new, and very successful, life. He explains how the things he learned along the way can help you.  

Plus, Les tells us why he thinks mentors are so important and shares one word you should delete from your vocabulary forever.

What one asset do so many 50+ workers have that younger people don’t? Find out how to use it. 

Click here to learn more about Les’s book, “The Power of Focus.”

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