Cathi Watson


Whoever said only wine gets better with age never met Cathi Watson.

She is 78 years old, an exercise evangelist and a power stair climber who believes the best time in your life is right now.

Cathi says her body doesn’t know it’s 78 years old; it thinks it’s 30.

Through the years, she has kept on keeping on. Some of her activities have included: ballet, marathon swimming, water ballet, biking and running. Every year, she still runs a 10K in Colorado, but her big passion these days is marathon stair climbing.

The energetic Cathi proudly tells us about her latest climb, during which she beat others in their 50s and 30s.

Plus, find out how her immigrant upbringing made her believe she could achieve anything she wants to try.

Cathi describes two challenges she overcame in her life and why she takes care of herself in a way that doesn’t require her to take any medications today.

Find out why she wants you to think of your body the same way the farmer thinks of his land.

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