Man on the Run: Ben Beach

Ben Beach holds one of the most amazing records in sports and it’s a record he breaks every year. Now in his mid-60s, the man who has run 48 straight Boston Marathons explains why and how he keeps going.

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He’s Handling the Spotlight Just Fine

The man who has beaten cancer over and over again is now ranked number two in the world for his age group, in the Ironman 70.3 distance. It would be an incredible feat for any athlete, but since Tony has to swim for 1.2 miles, bike for 56 miles and run for 13 miles at every event, it also proves that when you believe in yourself and refuse to give up, you can achieve amazing things.

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Katherine Beiers

When she was 48, Katherine Beiers went for her first run because she didn’t know how to do any other sport. Now 82, she’s still running and inspiring people, including at the famed Boston Marathon where she was the oldest person to compete the 2015 race.

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